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Post how long does it take to write a 4 page essay
How Long Does it Take to Write a 4 Page Essay

There’s really no single way to learn how to write a 4 page essay. Any good writing approach will work, but what happens when you are in a time crunch. You may wonder, how long does it take to write a 4 page paper? This post won’t tell you how to...

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Post writingtheperfectparagraph
Writing The Perfect Paragraph

The paragraph is one of the key building blocks of any paper, including the standard 5 paragraph essay. Before you learn how to write a 7 paragraph essay or understand the structure of a 5 paragraph essay, you must understand the basic fundamental...

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Post annoying roommate
Dealing With Roommate Conflict

Even if it’s just a small quibble, roommate conflict can be a real bummer. Worse, if it’s not handled quickly and constructively, things can fester and escalate. That’s a real problem when you have to live with someone until the term is over or yo...

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Post what is the best music to study to
What Is the Best Music to Study To?

Students usually find it hard to find the perfect study environment, especially when they’re living in crowded dorm rooms, or if they have to share their living space with their family. Instead, they end up creating their own study environment by ...

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Post degree
What is a Masters Degree?

If you find yourself looking at a complicated list of graduate study options, you may be asking yourself, “What are all these? What is a ma degree?” An ma degree is a masters Degree. What is a masters degree?

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