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What is a Masters Degree?

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If you find yourself looking at a complicated list of graduate study options, you may be asking yourself, “What are all these? What is a ma degree?” An ma degree is a masters Degree. What is a masters degree? It is an educational attainment awarded to students who have shown a high level of proficiency and capability in their chosen field of study. When studying for a master’s degree, the period of study in a university or college culminates with a thesis. Master’s degrees have more flexible study options compared to doctoral degrees, but they provide just as much opportunities for professional and academic applications.

How to get a masters degree?

In order to qualify for a study in a masters degree, you must demonstrate your ability to perform in the field that you chose. Before you can get a masters degree, you must possess the qualifications to continue your studies in your chosen professional field. These differ depending on the university you are applying for, but almost all of them are looking for the same level of commitment from their applicants.

Before anything else, you need to look into the school you are applying to. Some of them accept applications through their online portals, while others will require you to mail a hard copy of your application or present yourself at the school in person.

Usually, your application must include the application form itself, proof of academic qualifications, portfolio for your chosen field of work (if required), recommendation letters, and any other requirements that the university requests.

Your references must be people you have worked with – a superior officer is highly recommended – or former teachers and professors. You cannot use your friends or family as references because the school will get wind of this fact and ask for other references instead.

Types of Masters Degree

In the United States, there are three types of masters programs, namely, research, terminal, and professional. Research masters degree are designed to study academic and applied research disciplines. Research masters degrees include Master of Arts in Comparative Literature, Master of Arts in History, as well as many others.

In some instances, earning a research masters degree requires proceeding to study for a Ph.D. to be able to work. If you choose to take on a research masters degree, you must consider what kind of career you want and whether or not a Ph.D. is required after taking your masters.

A professional masters degree on the other hand is focused on training students to perform professional work by teaching them practical skills and frameworks related to their chosen field. Examples of professional masters degrees include Master of Architecture, Master of Social Work, etc.

Terminal masters degrees are the highest academic degrees in any one field. Other masters degrees serve as a stepping stone towards a doctorate, but terminal masters – as the label denotes – is the end of the line for some degrees. For example, Master of Arts in Creative Writing and Masters in Library Science are the highest possible academic achievements in those specific fields.

Getting a masters degree is easier said done done. You need to devote 2 to 4 years of your life to researching and studying the intricacies of your chosen field. Apart from that, you need to pass the standards that your school has set for acquiring a masters degree.

At this point, you won’t have to ask yourself, “What is a ms degree?” You already have the answer, because an ms degree is the next step in your journey towards the professional career you’ve been dreaming of.