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We at are dedicated to protecting the privacy of any and all visitors of our website. We want our users and visitors to understand which type of data/information we gather and how we use that information for the operation of the website.

Two Types of Information

Anonymous and Aggregate - Collecting information from individuals who access our website is a common procedure among other sites. We use technology that collects certain types of information, which includes the browser you are using to visit the site, your IP address, the pages that you visit, and the duration of your time spent on our website and on any of its specific pages.

This data is placed into a larger aggregate of information, which will be used for the website in order to improve your experience.

The website does use cookies to store data from its users’/visitors’ browser. The cookies are terminated/removed once the visitor/user leaves the website. The site also uses “persistent cookies”, which are programmed to store login information after a user account has been established on out site. Users may disable these cookies anytime; however, it may impact your experience on our site.

Personal Information: If and when a user/visitor decides to establish and account on the website, he or she will be asked to provide specific personal information. These are stored through firewalls and encryptions. The information on the users’ accounts may be seen and used by other users, but these will only contain the information that the user wants to share when setting up their profile. These include their first name and last initial, as well as any other information that they wish to publicly share to other users. These are all public information, which means they are not under our protection in any capacity. If any of your existing personal information changes, you must inform us accordingly.

User-Posted Content

Any content, which a user chooses to publish is deemed public and unprotected. Users may set up privacy setting for their own account, which limits general access to specific posts. Unfortunately, we cannot certify that these privacy settings are foolproof. We are not responsible for any “unauthorized” access to “private” content that may be acquired by other users.

Users are allowed to delete content on their profiles’; however, because the content has already been seen or used by the site’s users, you cannot consider it as totally deleted. It is possible that other users may have already published your information somewhere else. This means that we cannot delete it.

The kind of content users wish to publish must follow the terms set out in the Terms and Conditions Agreement, which is posted on our website. If you have violated any of the terms on that agreement, we may be forced to delete your account and block you from future access. If any of the content you published violated any local, state, or federal law, we will alert all appropriate legal entities and we will coordinate with them in any investigation or prosecution that may occur.

User Invitations to Others

Users can invite other people to join the website. All you have to do is provide the website administrators with the name and email address of the person you want to invite. The team will send an invitation to that person. We collect any acceptances and declines, as well as the individual’s email address. If any user or invitee wishes to have their address removed from the site’s database, they may contact us and we will comply as soon as possible.

Age Requirements

Users must be aged 13 and above, if they want to create an account on our website. If it so happens that the user turns out to be younger than 13 or if a different user reports this fact, we will delete the account and ban all access until the user can show proof that he or she is aged 13 or above.

Age 13-18 - Users in this age bracket are required to submit parental permission in order to register on the website. They cannot send us their personal information until their parents have approved it as well. This is standard protocol and a wise policy for any person who wishes to register on all websites.

Age 18 and Over - Anyone aged 18 and over is allowed to register on the site, but they do so at their own risk.

Our Use of Your Information

When a user sets up an account on our website, they are responsible for any profile information that you fill in, as well as any photo that you choose to publish. The user will be shown on your profile using your first name and last initial only. You are also responsible for setting your personal privacy settings. After you register, you may start to use the site, publish content, and access other users’ profiles. You may also begin to engage in conversation and discussions. If you want to share any other personal information about yourself or if you decide to publish it on the user profile page, you do so at your own risk. is not accountable for any consequences of that action.

If there are any changes to the website, we will inform you of these changes through your email. The same goes for announcements and introductions of new features.

Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

Your user information may be shared with third parties, but only if we decide that such parties can provide information that may be useful to you. You may see advertisements on your user page as well. We will not provide third parties with any information that is not listed publicly on your personal profile.

Your Contact Information - Your personal contact information will not be shared to any third party unless you agree to it. That information will only be shared under the following circumstances:

If and when you purchase a product using, your financial information will be transferred to a third-party processor. We cannot access any of that information.

If any legal organization asks for your personal information, we will coordinate with that authority and supply them with any type of information they request. If we see that you are violating any laws that are outlined in our Terms and Conditions Agreement, we will contact the legal authorities and report your information, as well as your activities on the site.

If the ownership of should be transferred, your personal information will be part of the transaction. You will be alerted in case of changes like these and we will have the option of removing your account from our database and have your personal information removed or terminated as well.

Third-Party Links on our Site

You may find link to third-party sites on our website, but we are not endorsing any content, products, or services that these sites offer. We are not aware of their terms of use or privacy policies. It is the user’s responsibility to look into their policies before transacting with any of these sites. Once a user accesses a third-party site, our terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policies, will no longer be in place.

You can visit any third-party site; however, we are not responsible for any of the consequences of your actions when you access sites like those.

Changing or Removing Your Information

You may utilize the editing tools provided on our sites to edit or modify your account and profile information. These are found on your account page. You can also delete any previously published content. That content may remain on the site, if other users have seen and shared it before.

Security Measures We Take

We take all the precautions we can to protect our users’ personal and private information. The site’s server is secured with firewall and encryption protection. If you exchange emails, messages, and such, it is not considered secure or protected content. If you decide to share your information with a different user, even through a private message, it cannot be considered secure or protected.

Terms are Binding

All of our users must agree that they have looked through and understood both the Terms and Conditions Agreement, as well as this Privacy Policy. If a user fails to read and understand these two agreements, it does not excuse a user from complying with all of the information in these two pages.

If and when we decide to change these documents, we will alert our users via email or publish these modifications on the website. The changes will go into effect upon posting, which means that users are bound by these new terms and policies from that point forward.