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We recently had the opportunity to check out a writer service known as Essay Penguin. They are mostly an academic writing service (essays, research papers, dissertations, etc.), but they also offer resume services, copywriting, and admissions help. Since most of our readers are students, we decided to place an order for an essay about the impact of climate change on animal migratory patterns. We also explored the website to see what it had to offer and spoke with customer service and our writer. We also sought out and read EssayPenguin service reviews on other websites. We can begin by saying that we were impressed with the paper we received and with the quality of service. To learn more about our review experience, keep reading.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps Guarantees

If you want to know, “Is legit?”, the first place to look is in the quality of writing. Fortunately, we are really happy to say that our EssayPenguin ratings in the area of writing and writer expertise is very high. We were very impressed with our paper when we downloaded it. It was well-written and factually correct. Even better, our writer was very professional, courteous, and went above and beyond to help ensure that our paper was perfect. He even went out of his way to make a few great suggestions. We also spoke with a member of the customer support staff via live chat. They answered all of our questions, and were extremely polite. When we read EssayPenguin customers reviews, we learned that our experience was not unique.

Pricing and Discount Offers Payments and Prices

Essay Penguin prices are very competitive when compared with other writing services. They are clearly not a discount writing company, and that’s okay. Students should expect to pay for quality work. We felt the price we paid was absolutely fair. In addition to that, there are several Essay Penguin discounts available to customers. These include loyalty, first time, referral, and other seasonal discounts that students can use to save a bit of money. We also recommend that students or other customers look for promo codes. Our research tells us that this is well worth the effort.

Miscellaneous Benefits Features

There are many additional benefits and ‘goodies’ for people who choose to use this service. First and foremost, the information on the website is very complete and very accurate. Visitors can easily access policy pages and read EssayPenguin testimonials. The website also has a very interesting and informative blog. Much of the blog information is actually on various writing topics, and includes advise on dealing with some of the more common writing assignments that students receive. We were impressed that the website seeks to inform and educate, along with selling their services. Finally, we feel that safety and security is very important. We did a search of Essay Penguing BBB complaints and found nothing.

Summary and Recommendation

We enthusiastically recommend The quality of writing is spot on, and all of the other stuff is great as well. If you are a student in need of writing help, you should definitely take a look at Essay Penguin.

Essay Penguins Review

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recommended this service

Positive: I really liked working with this service. The support managers are very polite and friendly. The writer followed all of my guidelines and wrote a great research paper for me. The paper was delivered on time and needed no revision. Can't find a thing to complain about. Love this company!

Negative: -

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recommended this service

Positive: It`s not only their website that attracted me, but the review from a friend of mine who recommended me to try this resource. My descriptive essay easily met the deadline plus I got a discount for my first order. Would I use it forward? Yes, if necessary!

Negative: None

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Elem commented:

Great thing is that you get help 24/7. I am thankful for the papers you've provided.

Harper commented:

Best writing help I have ever had! Nevertheless my mom works as a highschool teacher she has never helped me as professionally as the writer from this resource! Maybe it`s good I didn`t mention ordering online to my mom?))

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