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How Long Does it Take to Write a 4 Page Essay

Content how long does it take to write a 4 page essay

There’s really no single way to learn how to write a 4 page essay. Any good writing approach will work, but what happens when you are in a time crunch. You  may wonder, how long does it take to write a 4 page paper? This post won’t tell you how to write a 4 page paper, but it will give you some tricks for writing a 4 page paper fast.

How to Write a 4 Page Research Paper at The Last Minute

If you have to write a research paper at the last moment we recommend doing the following:

  • Hit The Library And Get Rid of All Distractions
  • Find Your Resources Quickly Don’t be Too Picky
  • Create a Quick Outline as You Take Notes
  • Turn Your Outline Into a Rough Draft
  • Turn Your Rough Draft Into Your Final Draft
  • Use Grammarly For Editing on The Fly

Will you be guaranteed an A paper? Not likely, but you will get something serviceable turned in on time. A passing grade beats a zero every time, right?

How to Write a Four Page Essay in Two Hours

Let’s be honest. When we’re talking about four pages in two hours, it really means four pages in about an hour and a half because you will need thirty  minutes for topic selection and getting organized. Also if you are wondering how many words are in a 4 page paper, it’s usually 275 X 4. That is of course if you are using standard spacing. Basically you have 22.5 minutes per page for a four page essay. Here’s how to write a four page essay fast.

First, choose a topic that you know very well. Then find three or four resources online. Review the sources and take notes. Then write your introduction and conclusion. You can go back after and fill in the body paragraphs. Keep close count on your words and pages. Of course, you may be better off using a writing service in this kind of time crunch. Check out essay writing service reviews to learn more.

How to Write 4 Pages in an Hour

Sorry to say, there are some miracles that simply cannot happen. We don’t know of anyway to write 4 pages in an hour that would result in a good paper. Sometimes it’s best to know when it’s time to get help.

If you find yourself frequently behind the eight ball when it comes to writing assignments we suggest getting an app that allows you to create to do lists and set alarms as due dates are coming down the pike. This will work better for you than any magic writing tricks.


While it is possible to write essays and research papers quickly, it isn’t always a good idea. Balance your need for speed with quality. This may mean asking for extensions, working with a tutor, or hiring a quality writing service to work with you. Happy writing!