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The following paragraphs contain our review of Writing Essay East. This is an academic writing service that appears to be based in Ohio in the United States. We are writing this summary in response to the many requests we have received from students. They want to know if this site can be trusted to provide quality, writing, and customer service. As always, we’ll also share if your information is safe, and whether or not enough is done to ensure that all transactions here are secured. Here is a brief summary of the steps we took to write this review:

• We explored and read the WritingEssayEast website.

• We received a college level essay to review.

• We researched the company online.

• We read customer reviews and consumer reports data including any legal issues or complaints.

• We conducted a price comparison.

• We made an effort to learn about any policies or special offers.

Product And Service Quality

We were unable to interact directly with customer service. As a result, this write up will focus solely on product quality. We were able to obtain a college level essay that had been written by this service. The essay was on topic. It was properly formatted. The writer clearly had some ideas. Unfortunately, the paper we received was on par with a rough draft. It needed significant polishing, proofreading, and editing when we received it. Students should certainly not expect anything that is turning quality.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Service Reps

As mentioned above, we did not speak with customer service reps. However, we did learn some things about the writers. We started by reading the writer bios on the site. We feel obligated to mention some concerns about these bios specifically. A bit of internet sleuthing revealed that the photos attached to these bios are not real. They are simply stock photo images taken from other sites. In addition to this, the author bios are clearly fictional. They list imaginary degrees and courses of study. Perhaps worst of all is that they are almost nonsensical. The writing is jumbled and awkward. In fact, this is true of most of the WritingEssayEast website. We suspect the website may have been developed using a content spinner. In any case, the grammar and phrasing are simply awful. This does not reflect well on a writing service website that should be putting its best foot forward when it comes to content.

In spite of this, the writers here do appear to at least be marginally qualified. This is based on the essay we received, and feedback from other students.

Pricing And Discount Offers

Pricing here is exceptionally low. In fact, it is less than half of what you would pay per page at other writing services. For example, an undergraduate essay with a 14 day deadline is six dollars per page. That is so low that it was a bit of a red flag for us. It is difficult to imagine quality writing at prices this low. Unfortunately, quality is definitely lacking here. However, if students can see this as an opportunity to receive a rough draft, they can edit the copy themselves before turning it in.

The order form promises a special gift for customers placing an order. However, we did not find any discount offers beyond that. Presumably, the site does not offer any because of the steep discounts they already offer through their pricing.

There are several payment methods available here. The site appears to be completely reliable in terms of security and payments. PayPal is likely the most secure option here. In addition to this, customers can pay using a variety of credit and debit cards. The site appears to be secure.

One area where we are unable to provide any insights is regarding the company’s policies on customer financial data, privacy, security, or moneyback guarantees. It does not appear as if any policy pages have been made available. As a result, we can not say that this company has a safe cookie policy, or if you can receive a refund if you are not happy. Obviously, there is no mention here of GDPR compliance. While we did not find any students who felt as if they had been scammed, this is definitely an area of concern.

Miscellaneous Benefits

We didn’t find too many unique benefits here. There is a blog. It is well-written. The topics are mostly related to academics, albeit a bit random. In addition to this, students placing an order  may opt to pay extra for additional features such as a plagiarism report. We did not find any other benefits. These are also fairly standard, and don’t really stand out.

Summary And Recommendation

This is an average writing service. There are definitely improvements that need to be made. The writing we received was not bad, but it was certainly rough. The site could stand to add in some better quality control. However, considering the low prices, we could not have expected much more.

Website navigation is rough, and really needs to be overhauled. In addition to that, the content on the website is  nearly impossible to read. It is quite honestly one step above gibberish.

We cannot fully endorse this site due to the many quality issues we encountered. However, it may be worth checking out due to the low prices. Students should just be prepared to edit the paper they receive. Our final rating is three stars.

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