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Product And Service Quality

The Unitutor is an academic writing service. They offer the typical selection of products that includes, essays, term papers, thesis and dissertation work, research papers, and capstone projects. For this, review, we placed an order for an essay on English literature. We also read reviews from other customers, researched the company online, and explored the company website.

Unfortunately, our experiences were largely poor. We received a low quality paper with multiple, serious errors. In addition to this, we found the company’s website very difficult to navigate. Pages were miscategorized. We had difficult getting things to load as well. The following is our final thoughts on this online writing service.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Support Reps

A search of The Unitutor BBB reveals no results found. However, our experience as well as the recorded experiences of others indicates a low level of satisfaction with customer service representatives. First of all, there isn’t a good methodology in place so that customers and writers can communicate with one another. This leaves students waiting and hoping for the best when it comes to the papers they buy.

Customer support reps weren’t very helpful either. We contacted them with issues that we had. Unfortunately, they were dismissive at best. Ultimately, in spite of the number and seriousness of the errors in the essay we purchased, the company refused to revise it.

Pricing And Discount Offers

The Unitutor prices are extraordinarily high. At other services, the paper we ordered would have ranged between 13 and 25 dollars a page. We paid more than 56 dollars per page. This was for an undergraduate essay with a two week due date. Most writing services only charge rates this high when dealing with extremely complex subjects, thesis and dissertation work, and very immediate deadlines.

Students can enter promo codes into the order form. However, we found no page or reference to The Unitutor discounts on the website.

Miscellaneous Benefits

There are a few extras here. Unfortunately they don’t add much value. There are predictably glowing TheUnitutor testimonials. These unfortunately do not match the largely negative TheUnitutor customer reviews found on other websites. There are also sample essays to view. Unfortunately, we suspect these may be lifted from other sites, as the quality does not match that of the work we received. There’s also a blog associated with the website. The posts are fairly well written, but mostly promotional.

Students buying papers can purchase add-ons. These include a revision guide and a research diary. However, considering the extraordinarily high price per page, we feel like any additional products or services should be wrapped into the overall cost.

Summary And Recommendation

So, is legit? That depends. It appears that they do, as a general rule, produce the papers that people pay for. So, to that end they are not a fraud or scam. However, there are serious concerns in the area of writing quality, customer service, and overall website experience. As a result, we cannot recommend at this time.

This final decision comes as a result of our low TheUnitutor ratings as well as negative TheUnitutor service reviews from unhappy customers. We strongly advise our readers to consider on of the many writing services for which we have provided our seal of approval.

6 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: On time, with all the requirements that I had asked for. Friendly support department.

Negative: Quality. Such an awful quality! I have been trying to convince myself it worth the money, the waiting and all of that. But no. My research paper represents all of the bad sides of writing and unprofessionalism...

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: This service is 100% not the best, as they say they are. When you take a look at samples, you can easily notice how great they are and what great papers they do. But when it comes to your own paper they change in 180 and become so awful! How, how is it possible?!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Free amendments? Well, well, well... Where are they? I cannot say that I`m not that surprised by the received services, as I had heard there are more low-quality resources than vice versa. However, I still had good hopes and placed high expectations. I shouldn`t have.

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