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Product And Service Quality

Nearly all rephrasers customer reviews speak negatively of both product and service quality. While a search for Rephrasers BBB did not yield formal complaints, it is clear that a large majority of customers are unhappy with the service they receive.

To make our own conclusion about Rephrasers, we did place an order for a paper. We also interacted with writers and customer support reps. Every effort was made to write a fair and balanced review. This is why we researched the company thoroughly and put lots of thought and consideration into this piece.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Support Reps

We were a bit nervous when we saw so many low Rephrasers ratings online. The company is largely panned for offering low quality writing and unprofessional customer service. Sad to say, our experience appears to be another repeat of the same.

Our paper was full of errors. We were unable to get any revisions completed. We also had serious doubts that the paper was an original. The awkward word usage makes us believe that there was some combination of human and software rewriting of an existing paper. In order to turn this paper in, we would have to rewrite and restructure it significantly.

Pricing And Discount Offers

We paid nearly 16 dollars per page. This means that rephraser prices are pretty average. There are also Rephrasers discounts available. These come in the form of promo codes. Unfortunately, the quality issues that we encountered could not be balanced out by savings. It is also important to note that the 16 dollars per page that we were charged was after the discount was applied.

Here are the basic prices we found for their other services:

  • Rephrasing: 8.39 per page
  • Summary Writing: 12.79 per page
  • Editing: 6.39 per page

As we did not use these services, we cannot attest to the value offered.

Miscellaneous Benefits doesn’t offer too much in this area. You can select a preferred writer. You can also request a summary and a plagiarism report to go along with your completed paper. We did ask for a plagiarism report. As expected, the report said the work was original.  Unfortunately, we don’t believe this was accurate. In spite of a few limited Rephraser testimonials we didn’t find anything worthwhile here.

We should note that there is a writing sample available on the website. Unfortunately, it is geared towards displaying the company’s rephrasing services. This isn’t very useful for customers wishing to evaluate the quality of writing services.

Summary And Recommendation

To conclude our review, we strongly recommend that anyone considering this service look elsewhere. There are plenty of professional, high quality writing services who offer amazing customer service. We believe that the multitudes of negative Rephraser service reviews are more than accurate.

To answer the question, ‘Is legit?’ we have to say emphatically no. They simply do not deliver on their promises in terms of customer service or writing.

11 customer reviews of

recommended this service

Positive: Pleasant support and affordable prices.

Negative: Quality is not up to par.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Not long after I paid for services on this resource I got a call from the PayPal resource with a message that my account was experiencing hacking attacks. It occurred that rephraser has major troubles with providing safety and security for clients. The information you give them is being easily transferred to unknown unknown thirdparties without you even knowing. Thanks to PayPal and my golden account due to what I got informed about prohibited actions with my money and luckily I got them back. Be extremely careful with this place!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Don`t expect to get good editing at theirs. I ordered only five pages and gave them 10 days. I`m sure you all agree that`s more than enough to do such kind of a job, right? They didn`t fit in. Moreover, they didn`t even reply to me on the due day. The next evening (I guess by that time they had gotten around 50 calls and messages from me?) they sent it to my email without a single word of explanation or something. I`m confused

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