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One of our most recent reviews focuses on a 21 year old writing service known as Private Writing. We found it a bit ‘interesting’ that a company could be around for so long, but fly under our radar. Regardless, we decided that it was a good time to do some investigating and write a review.

Of course, this means taking our usual steps of ordering a paper, reading PrivateWriting service reviews, exploring the website and attempting to determine is legit? We even explored the website and looked for interesting features or discounts. Keep reading, and we will share all that we know. Hopefully our readers can use this information to make good decisions when selecting online writing services. Here is our assessment.

Product and Service Quality Products and Services

We checked out the types of services offered. We found that they offer the usual academic writing, resume services, grant writing, and a few other business related services. We decided to keep things simple and order a basic essay.

Our criteria was college level, four page essay, two week deadline, and that the paper be an informative essay on any art museum in the United States. We received our paper on time. Sadly, it did not meet our standards.

We suspected this company used non English speaking writers. We noticed some issues when we were exploring the website that made us think this. Other PrivateWriting customer reviews also expressed the same concern. Even if we could ignore this, we couldn’t ignore that the essay was very poorly written and not very insightful. It was as if the writer was just parroting promotional information about an art museum.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps Guarantees

Obviously, we did not find our writer to be much of an expert at all. We can forgive some errors. However, it is absolutely unacceptable for us to receive such poor writing and  lack of subject matter knowledge. Thankfully, we are not some poor college student who might have been in real trouble.

We spoke with customer service on a couple of occasions. They were polite enough. Unfortunately, once they knew we were unhappy, things changed. Productive conversations ceased to exist. We received no offers of revisions or other help when we expressed our disappointment in the product that we received. If you decide to use this company in spite of this review, please google Private Writing BBB before you do.

Pricing and Discount Offers Payments and Prices

Private Writing prices are about average. We paid 14.49 per page. These prices are based on length, deadline and grade level. We would be happy to give great PrivateWriting ratings for prices. Unfortunately, due to quality issues, at the moment any price is too high.

In fact, we were initially impressed by Private Writing discounts and promo codes. Unfortunately, neither were enough to minimize the problems we encountered or the poor service. They also appear to have an affiliate program. However, we did not bother to investigate this.

Miscellaneous Benefits Features

We had to use the website’s sitemap to find articles and blog posts. They do exist, however there does not appear to be a direct link to them. Why is this an issue? In our experience, when a writing service creates lots and lots of content, but then obscures that content from the public, there is something nefarious going on. We wonder if they want search engine ranking systems to see that they have lots of content, but to hide that content from anyone who may negatively judge the quality of that content. Interestingly enough, we found no PrivateWriting testimonials. However, it could be that we just did not navigate to the proper page.

Website navigation and user experience are obviously an issue here.

Summary and Recommendation

Take a pass on this one. Low quality writing, poor service, and other problems are way too concerning.

Private Writing Review

11 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: One of the worst experiences in my life!!!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Is it hard to write your first resume? For me it was. Web search advised to use Private Writing. However their writers didn’t include all the information they were provided with((( The resume turned out to be bad and didn't bring me job interviews.

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recommended this service

Positive: Keeping up with the deadline. They don`t miss it.

Negative: The quality was kind of disappointing but bearable. Thanks anyway!

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Muhammad commented:

I am not fluent in English, but I care about the quality of my papers for studying. This site is not reliable I can tell! My paper was awful, they charged me more money than promised. Only delivered on time. Don`t like them and will not use again.

Zaine commented:

Look at this recourse as at unsuccessful relationship you had in high school. You placed your trust, hope and money in it, but at the end it just doesn`t work. To the owners: you should really consider hiring professional writers and improving the quality of your resource because now it`s totally awful.

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