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Students don’t only struggle with writing assignments. Sometimes they need help with STEM assignments as well. This is why we are always excited to learn about services like My Math Genius that offer help with math assignments. Of course, we cannot let any academic service stand without scrutiny. This is why we are offering this review. Is legit? We’ve read MyMathGenius customer reviews, explored their website, and placed an order. We even searched MyMathGenius BBB. Keep reading to learn more.

Product And Service Quality offers help with mathematical problem-solving in the areas of calculus, algebra, statistics, combinatorics, discrete mathematics, and more. Students may request this help for daily coursework assignments or as they encounter these problems in larger projects. This includes research projects and thesis or dissertation work.

Several MyMathGenius service reviews indicated that many students were not satisfied with the help they received. There were complaints of incomplete and inaccurate work. For our review, we sent several different problems. Each involved a slightly different mathematical discipline. We found issues with each result. One was simply wrong. Another failed to show work or provide any helpful context. The other too much longer than we were initially told it would. More So than writing assignments, students seeking mathematical help frequently need quick answers.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Service Reps

Clearly, there is a lack of mathematical expertise here. We were also disappointed in the customer service representatives we encountered. They were largely rude and unhelpful. This is troubling as many students would likely need help understanding the nature of these services. Most MyMathGenius testimonials in this area were quite negative.

Pricing And Discount Offers

My Math Genius prices are not clear. Math assistance for an entire semester can be as high as 750 dollars. Students must request a quote for other work. Given the poor quality, we were not happy with what we paid. There are no My Math Genius Discounts available on the website. We also did not find any promo codes anywhere on the internet.

Miscellaneous Benefits

We did not find any extra content or other benefits here. There is a small math solutions library here. However, the search function is basically useless. The information within the library is very limited, and students who have any basic understanding of math will not find anything particularly useful or interesting. This was once again another disappointment.

Summary And Recommendation

Most MyMathGenius ratings are very low. We are sorry to say that we agree with these conclusions. The help offered here is marginal at best. There were several inaccuracies and a clear lack of timeliness. This service obviously does not have any sense of urgency when it comes to student assignments. We do not endorse this service in any way.

However, we would like to point out that many of the top quality writing services we have reviewed do offer help with math and other assignments. We encourage students in need of this kind of help to look to these companies for assistance. We have great confidence in their ability to provide help at reasonable prices.

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