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Product And Service Quality

We based this review on a variety of criteria. First and foremost is writing quality. Then customer service is considered. We also judge the writer’s level of professionalism as well. We placed an order for writing services from Instant Assignment Help. We also explored the website, researched the company online, and gained insights from other reviews. The following is our official review of Instant Assignment Help.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Support Reps

Unfortunately, we were not satisfied with either of these criteria. Our writer was uncommunicative. They failed to follow our instructions, and became defensive when we asked why we had not received status updates when we asked for them. We also contacted customer support representatives before during and after our order. Many were friendly. However, we were frequently made to wait for answers that  never came. We also were frequently told to read policy pages in lieu of having our questions answered. Other InstantAssignmentHelp customer reviews described similar experiences.

Pricing And Discount Offers

Instant Assignment Help prices are fairly average. We paid a little over 14 dollars a page for our essay with a ten day due date, and average level writing. There are also InstantAssignmentHelp discounts. While this is normally a good thing, the pop up ads for promo codes are intrusive, and frequently make it difficult to see the content you are actually trying to read. Worse, many of the discounts aren’t meaningful. During a single 30 minute website we saw the same pop up for a discount off of our fourth order. We had yet to place our first.

We did receive a very small discount off of our first order. However, it did not make up for the law quality product and customer service we received.

Miscellaneous Benefits

This may be the one area where we were pleasantly surprised. Even though we found it somewhat by accident, this writing service does have a fairly impressive blog. The few posts we scanned were well-written. The posts are current and relevant, and they seem to focus on interesting content. These are worth a brief read in spite of all of the other issues we found.

Other than this, there aren’t any special perks or benefits. However, we suspect that this writing service is best off fixing their core issues rather than focusing on adding extras such as Instantassignmenthelp testimonials.

Summary And Recommendation

We know our readers want the answer to one question. Is legit? After tallying both ours and other customers’ instantassignmenthelp ratings, the answer is no. While a search on Instant Assignment Help BBB did not reveal formal complaints, several InstantAssignmenthelp service reviews had complaints about quality and customer service.

We also had several of the same issues. These were in addition to finding the overall website design messy and  hard to navigate. As a result, we cannot give our stamp of approval to Please take a look at our other reviews. We strongly believe that at least one writing service here will meet your needs.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: None.

Negative: Waste of resources.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I was surprised they were proposing GreenDiscouts for Saint Patrick Day during the February, but decided to give a try.

Negative: As a result I didn`t get a discount but a promise of a discount week before and week after the holiday. And! They informed me about that only right before the payment for my already written paper. I give your service lowest grades! Will never work with you again!

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Nice price of safe up to 50% promise at the beginning.

Negative: No communication with a writer and troublesome connection with the support in general. When asking for a plagiarism report you`re informed it`s not free and you`re asked for more money. What kind of professional is this?

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