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Rate has been in the business of writing services since 2004. It offers academic writing products from high school through graduate levels, as well as admissions and scholarship essay products. With 15 years of operation, there has been a lot of time for customers to provide feedback, and in this review, we have taken that feedback into account. As well, we have evaluated the website content and some of the products from the company’s writers. The following summary should be helpful as students make decisions about the best writing services for their needs.

The website is well-organized with links to all of the information about the company, its processes, and its policies regarding terms of use, privacy, revisions, and refunds. 

Product and Service Quality Products and Services

Product quality can be determined by customer satisfaction, of course. We have thus combed the web looking for customer feedback as well as reviewed the EvolutionWriters testimonials on the company website. As expected, all testimonials are quite positive with a few suggestions for improvement; Evolution Writers customer reviews found at other places were a bit less complimentary, although they were overall a mix. Without fail, customers felt that the company was legal and trusted. They placed orders, received personal writers, and products were delivered. Among complaints included slow response when revisions were requested and some issues with refunds. There were also some concerns that, in order to get the quality they wanted, they had to pay extra for the “premium quality” option.

We also reviewed samples that are provided on the site. Here was a mixed bag. Some were well written, with resources appropriate for the academic level; however, others did reflect some issues with grammar and composition, perhaps crafted by an ESL writer. But there are a large number of samples for potential customers to review, and we recommend reading several as you consider placing orders. You will find some in the topic area of your need, and that can give you a good idea of what to expect for a product. 

In terms of customer service, we did contact the customer support department on a few occasions to ask questions about products, policies, and other services. In terms of answers, we did get them, although they were a bit vague. Always, we were told to place our orders and then discuss the details with the assigned writer. 

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps Guarantees

We believe that there is some disparity among the writing staff of this company. If the basic writing option is taken, quality may not be what a customer really wants. Basic is just that – minimum requirements are met but there may be some grammar issues.

Customers can reach the support desk 24/7 via phone, email or live chat. And the agents are certainly friendly and do try to be helpful. We are not certain if they are trained company employees or part of an outsourced answering service, as some of their answers were not as detailed as we would have liked. All three methods of contact do work well, and responses are pretty quick.

Pricing and Discount Offers Payments and Prices

Evolution Writers prices fall within the average range. Pricing begins at $9.97 a page for a basic essay with a 24-day deadline. Obviously, prices go up as the type of product becomes more complex and as the deadline becomes more urgent. The company does state that it can produce papers within hours, however, but the cost is extremely high. An eight-page paper at the college level is $128.00. While there is no first-time discount for new customers, there is an EvolutionWriters discount plan based upon the amount spent on an individual order, but it must be at least $500 to qualify. The company also states that email subscribers will find specials and promo codes to use to lower costs. Anyone planning to use this service more than once should definitely sign up for the emails in order to take advantage of the discounts.

Methods of payment are standard, and we can report that the company uses a third-party payment processor and does guarantee total confidentiality with encryption. Customers are provided ID numbers and are contacted and addressed by that number. You can certainly feel safe and secure in terms of your personal and financial information.

Miscellaneous Benefits Featureы

There is not much in the way of additional benefits for customers. In fact, a table of contents, which many other services offer for free, costs and an additional $10. For students on a budget, this can be irritating. Most extras come with additional fees. There is a bonus plan so that a percentage of an order is placed on the account to be used to offset costs of future orders. This provides an incentive for customers to return for additional writing orders.

Summary and Recommendation

If students have plenty of money, then they can buy the premium package and get high quality. Otherwise, if they take the basic package, they will get what they ordered, it will be delivered on time, but it may not have the polish that a premium package promises. Students should be prepared for extra fees for outlines and tables of content. Overall, however, we can certainly state that Evolution Writers is a legitimate source for academic writing, it does follow customer specifications, and, in the majority of cases, delivers on time. In the end, we have seen better and we have seen worse.

Evolution Writers Review

5 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: The prices are lower than on the other websites

Negative: I decided to order from this service because the prices were low and the feedback was quite good. It turned out to be not as good. My order was late and the support team just kept saying that it would be sent any minute. It was delivered 1.5 hours later. It also contained a few mistakes, but I revised it by myself in the end. Thus I was sure that the essay was fine. Not the best choice, even for the price like this.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Quality papers.

Negative: You have to be extremely rich to pay for all the services here. Even if you order a small task like 2 pages essay - they will push you to pay more, more and more. Moreover, their writers missed the deadline and didn`t give me any explanation nor a discount. Thus I don`t recommend this service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: Actually, I feel like this resource should make its own evolution, as this isn`t a representation of any good services or relations between the service and the client. We had errors with the payment, as they declined my proposition to pay via PayPal instead of a credit card. If to speak about the quality of received writing, it could have been much better than it is now.

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Connie commented:

I can't say whether it is a good writing service or not, I mean, looking at the papers, because first when I talked with a very rude representative of the support service I decided that this company isn't a good!

Ava Margret commented:

Nor good nor bad. An average writing service without much sense of what the real and professional writer should know and be able to do.

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