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Essay Shark provides a variety of academic writing services for students. They do not specify that they offer business writing or resume services, but they do have an ‘other’ category in their list of services. The academic services that they offer included the usual selection of admissions essays, essays, research papers, and other typical assignments. To complete our review, we ordered a 5 page essay on Othello for a college freshman. While we can say that the overall service that we received was very good, product quality was sorely lacking.In addition to this, we contacted customer service agents with questions and read EssayShark service reviews on the EssaySharkWebsite and elsewhere on the internet. Keep reading to learn more about our experience and to answer the question, “is legit?”

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps Guarantees

In most cases when we offer potential EssayShark customers reviews, we communicate only with a single writer. This website works a bit differently. We submitted the essay that we wanted and then received bids from various writers. We won’t lie, that really set off alarm bells. This is an indication that the writers have not been properly vetted. This means no training, no testing, and no guarantees that the writers who are making bids speak or write proper English. The quality of the paper that we received was so poor that we can only assume the writer was not familiar at all with any of Shakespeare’s works. When we tried to speak with customer support, they were very polite, but kept telling us to deal with the writer directly and reminding us of all of the positive EssayShark testimonials. It was a bit frustrating to say the least. EssayShark customers reviews on other websites also addressed quality concerns, and lack of help when issues arise.

Pricing and Discount Offers Payments and Prices

It’s difficult to judge Essay Shark prices. Most companies charge a price per page and then add on premiums if extra items are wanted. Because we received bids, it’s nearly impossible to  make a comparison. We can say this, the prices were very low. That may seem attractive, but in this industry there is definitely a correlation between cost and quality. Reasonable and competitive prices are one thing, rock bottom prices should set off alarm bells. This is usually means the work is being farmed out to writers who work for pennies, or who will use spinning software that attempts to ‘rewrite’ existing papers. The risk of plagiarism is also significantly higher. There are also no Essay Shark discounts or promo codes available due to the lack of pricing structure.

Miscellaneous Benefits Features

One positive not that we can make is that has a very well designed website that is very easy to navigate. Their web content very clearly explains how their service works, and we found it very easy to find information on their policies and other data we were searching for. They also maintain a blog that is kept up to date, is well-written, informative, and occasionally quite funny. If we were giving EssayShark ratings only on web content and extras, the results of this review would be much different.The final thing that we did was to check for any Essay Shark BBB complaints. We found none.

Summary and Recommendation

We are sad to report that we cannot endorse this website. While the idea of having writers bid is clever, there are not enough quality controls in effect. The result is, at least in our case, poor quality writing with little recourse.

Essay Shark Review

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: The paper was written quite well

Negative: I ordered an essay from them. It was pretty urgent. I set the deadline in 24 hours, but it was an hour late! If only the support team told me it would be delivered later, I think I would not be so angry. Instead, I thought that I was fooled and it would never been delivered at all. The paper is good, but their attitude towards customers is horrible.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: High prices, not capable of meeting deadlines.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Huge amount of price-deadline options.

Negative: Unprofessional approach and no actual help during the whole time of writing. Not sure if they give you a direct connection with a writer. I wasn`t given that. Final copy looked like it needed an asap revision, yet they didn`t make one as I didn`t pick the extra premium feature (of course of extra money).

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Mary commented:

Don't like this writing service! It was the first and the last time when I used it! I better will find the one where writers know how to write without mistakes!

Maroon commented:

I can not recommend this poor quality resource to anyone! Their writers aren`t legitimate at kind of job they are tying to do! Looks like they haven`t graduated from high school yet! If you need awful paper with no sense - welcome!

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