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Rate has been in business for 22 years – that’s a long time for existing writing services. And its business model was quite new when it launched – more of a matching service between customers and writers than a full-service writing agency that takes orders and assigns qualified writers to those orders. 

Still, a solid review is possible, when we consider all of the normal criteria we use – informational content on the Essay Pro website, testimonials that the site has published, customer reviews from other places on the web and that have been submitted to us, pricing, additional benefits, and policies. Here is all that we found.

Product And Service Quality

While we did not actually order a writing product, we did go through the initial ordering process. This meant providing information about a writing piece we wanted and then receiving bids from interested writers. Within five minutes of submitting our order, we had at least 7 bids and after 30 minutes, we had 15. We were invited to check theses bidders’ profiles, so we did in a few instances. We were not provided information on their degrees and background writing experience. Instead, the profiles included how many pieces of writing they had completed and positive customer feedback. We were “invited” to access any bidder and engage in conversations/ We contacted two bidders but were not impressed. Their command of English was just not that good. We quit at that point.

We then looked to customer comments and feedback that we could find elsewhere. Some were submitted to us on our site. Some we found on the web. These reviews were somewhat mixed.

  1. Some customers were not happy with the writing quality. They stated that their pieces had the types of grammar and word usage errors that foreign writers would make.
  2. Some had issues with the resources that were used. They stated that they were not suitable for a college-level research paper.
  3. Others were pleased with their products and stated they would use their writers again.
  4. Many felt that there was not enough involvement of the Essay Pro itself. They were left alone to make decisions about their writers.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Support Reps

From what we have received in terms of feedback, writer expertise varies widely. The biggest problem with the business model is that the entire onus is placed on the customer to find the right match for a writer. The company remains uninvolved unless there is an issue. Here is what the company states:

  1. It has a process for writers to register on its site. When we looked at that process, there were not a lot of qualification requirements. Writers could simply sign up and register for the types of writing and topics they preferred. Evidently, believes that good writers will get more orders and bad ones will not. But how many customers will use those bad writers in the meantime?
  2. Customers pay for their orders, per the agreed-upon amount, and Essay Pro holds that money until the customer approves of his product. The money is then released to the writer, minus the company’s commission fee.
  3. There is a team of 6 customer service reps to address issues that a customer may have. Getting in touch with them is not explained upfront. Once a writer is selected and payment made, a customer is provided contact information, primarily by email or messaging. There is no phone number provided. 
  4. There are unlimited revisions offered because a customer does not give approval for payment until he is satisfied. 
  5. All communication occurs between the customer and his selected writer. The company relies on customers and their writers to work out any issues that may arise and only becomes involved as a last resort.

Pricing And Discount Offers

There is a minimum price that Essay Pro has set - $11 per page. Beyond that, writers establish their own pricing as they place bids for customer orders. It is up to the customer to review those bids and to discuss final pricing terms. Once a price is agreed upon, the customer places that amount on account with the company. 

There are no discounts, obviously. But this not mean that a customer cannot negotiate with the bidders. If a customer is a skilled negotiator, this all well and good. If not, he will simply have to accept the price of the writer he has chosen.

In terms of payment methods, customers can feel safe providing their financial information. Transactions are handled through a third-party payment processor that is SSL-certified. Financial information is thus secure and protected.

Miscellaneous Benefits

In short, there are none, other than a blog with topics that may be of interest to some student – a few posts on Beowulf, on other books, and some tips on writing specific types of essays.

Summary And Recommendation is an obviously legal and trusted writing company. And it can certainly be considered reliable in terms of providing writers that customers can explore for their writing needs. The issue that we have is with the involvement of the company and its quality control. Essay Pro is operating more like a simple matching service, rather than a writing company that fully serves its customers. Overall, we have given a rating of 3, on a scale of 1-5.

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13 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Support team can`t provide you with needed information. It was strangely hard to contact them at the beginning, cause nevertheless they say they work 24/7 – that`s not true. I had waited for about 2 days before the answer came. Doesn’t seem very professional to me. Can`t recommend.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Pricing system.

Negative: I didn`t like the way my writer was speaking to me during our work. I felt like a small child in a kindergarten who broke the vase(

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I wasn`t given the correct paper in the needed time though I paid...

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Sam commented:

I asked for a critical essay. Essay Pro writer made me sure it wouldn’t be a problem to complete it in 48 hours. It`s been over 55 hours now and your writer do not reply to my mails. What is going on? Get my money back then!

Wanda commented:

Nice services for getting some scam and plagiarized paper. Want to be at the end of the list in your class with grades? - Accept their help.

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