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This review is focused on the writing service Essay Pro. Before we get much further, let’s begin by going over the steps we took to write this review. We started in Google so that we could check out other EssayPro service reviews that had been written by students who had used these services previously. We always want to know how others answer the question, ‘Is Legit?’ Speaking of legit, we also used our Google Fu to look up Essay Pro BBB. Our search did not reveal any complaints. However it is important to  note that the company has not been accredited by the BBB.

We also explored the website, created an account, and filled out an order form. This is where the experience is a bit different from other websites. This is a bid site. This means that Essay Pro prices are not established. Instead, you place an order and wait for writers to place bids.

Well, let’s just say that we definitely received bids. Within five minutes of placing our order, we received bids from people referring to themselves as Tutor Amy and Tutor Debbie. We were told that our topic was their area of expertise. Within thirty minutes, there were at a bare minimum fifteen bids on our paper, some from what were clearly bots and others from people who didn’t speak English very well.

Eventually, we accepted a bid from a writer who offered to write our simple college level essay for about 14 dollars per page. The following details our experiences.

Product And Service Quality

When it comes to writing quality, most of the EssayPro customer reviews skewed pretty negative. In spite of this, we were optimistic. Our writer was polite, asked questions about our assignment, and seemed eager to get to work. Unfortunately, the negative EssayPro ratings proved to be pretty accurate. Our paper was simply not up to college level standards.

We attempted to discuss the issue with customer service, but were rebuffed and told to work things out with the writer. However, at that point in time all we could do was provide a negative review.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Support Reps

Unfortunately, our experience here tells us that the writers who are allowed to place bids and advertise their services are not screened or vetted in any way. Sadly, our only experience with customer service was frustrating and  unhelpful. As a side note, we were unable to find many positive EssayPro testimonials. That tells us we aren’t the only unhappy customers.

Pricing And Discount Offers

There are no set prices here. It appears that the minimum you can expect to pay is twelve dollars per page. There were no Essay Pro discounts that we were able to find. Presumably discounts would be worked out between the writer and the customer. A search for promo codes returned no useful results.

Miscellaneous Benefits

There is a blog on the website. However the content isn’t very interesting. We did not find any other bonus content or services offered.

Summary And Recommendation

While we like the concept of allowing customers to review and receive bids, it’s just not done very well here. Since the writing quality and service were so poor, we recommend customers use other writing companies instead.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Support team can`t provide you with needed information. It was strangely hard to contact them at the beginning, cause nevertheless they say they work 24/7 – that`s not true. I had waited for about 2 days before the answer came. Doesn’t seem very professional to me. Can`t recommend.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Pricing system.

Negative: I didn`t like the way my writer was speaking to me during our work. I felt like a small child in a kindergarten who broke the vase(

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I wasn`t given the correct paper in the needed time though I paid...

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Sam commented:

I asked for a critical essay. Essay Pro writer made me sure it wouldn’t be a problem to complete it in 48 hours. It`s been over 55 hours now and your writer do not reply to my mails. What is going on? Get my money back then!

Wanda commented:

Nice services for getting some scam and plagiarized paper. Want to be at the end of the list in your class with grades? - Accept their help.

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