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English Essays is a newcomer in the online writing service industry, having been in operation since 2015. In an effort to provide consumers with the most updated information on writing companies, we have nevertheless conducted this review. To provide the most accurate and objective information, we have used several sources of information – the site content, any EnglishEssays testimonials published on the site, feedback and comments that we find elsewhere on the Internet, and the result of our ordering a research paper at the university level. The categories we have used for this review are the same that we use for all reviews, and are as follows:

Product and Service Quality Products and Services

It is difficult to assess product quality for a service that is so young, and there are no testimonials on the site to review. We did find a few off-site EnglishEssays customer reviews, and these stated that customers did receive their ordered products/services on time but that they were not fully pleased with the quality of either research or writing.

Our experience mirrored that of customer comments. We ordered a university-level research paper of eight pages with four resources and a 7-day deadline. While we received the paper on time, we had some significant issues with the organizational structure and the grammar. We had to request revisions three times and still had word usage and sentence errors.

Dealing with the customer service department was a bit frustrating. First, it was difficult to understand them as they were non-native English speaking reps. Further they were obviously reading from a script of FAQ’s, and could not answer any questions that veered from that script. Overall, our EnglishEssay service reviews are “fair” at best.

Expertise of Writers and Support Reps Guarantees

The company boasts that it employs only Ph.D. writers in all content fields. We find this hard to believe, given that they have only been in business for one year. It takes times to secure those expert writers – sometimes several years. The writer who produced our paper could not have had a Ph.D. from an English-speaking institution.

There is a link to “samples” on the site. We accessed it of course. There they have profiled several writers and titles of the works they produced. However, we were unable to access any of those samples to read them. We wonder why that page exists at all if samples cannot eve be read. Further, even the title of the essays and papers contained grammatical/spelling errors. This is a huge “red flag” for us.

As stated above, customer support reps have scripted responses and cannot veer from them. Their stock response to any question they cannot answer is to fill out the order form and ask the assigned writer.

Is legit? Yes, it is; however, this company has a long way to go if it intends to compete in this industry. Further, we found no evidence of an English Essays BBB membership.

Pricing and Discount Offers Payments and Prices

English Essay prices are within the average range, but we could find no English Essay discounts, and there was no evidence of promo codes to be found. This was a disappointment. Our paper was $143.60.

Miscellaneous Benefits Features

In short there are none other than the guarantee that writing will be original and that customer can choose individual writers if they wish. Revisions are free as well.

Summary and Recommendation

At this time, we cannot recommend The company is new and perhaps it will improve as time moves forward. We do not like the fact that they are exaggerating the qualifications of their writers. Our EnglishEssay ratings in all categories are barely in the “Fair” range.

English Essays Review

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I liked the work of support team

Negative: I ordered a research paper, which was very important for my further education. Not only it was half an hour late, it was also written badly. I asked for a revision and some changes. I also sent my instructions to the writer and had to wait another 3 days. The next paper I received was better, but still not perfect. The support manager offered me a discount, so I didn't ask for a full refund. Instead I ordered editing from the other service and in the end it was good. Won't recommend it.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Ordering paperwork I expected to receive a quality product. Somehow I received one full of plagiarism and without any kind of editing that was needed! How come an online custom writing resource that says its professional can do something awful like that?! I will never ever recommend this service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Although they promise a nice discount of 20% off you simply don`t get it. Customer support service creates million of reasons of why not. Additional minus is the amount of writing features. Yes, it looks like there are a lot, but when it comes up to placing an order, all of the sudden they can give only basic help and no extras included. I`m disappointed.

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Gwen commented:

I expected more from this site and at the moment I am just frustrated with what they've sent me. It does not suit me at all!

Connor commented:

First time I ordered a high school essay in history. It was written quite good. Thus my elder brother decided to order his book report for college here as well. To our surprise it was bad. Looks like they are suitable for schoolers only...

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