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Product And Service Quality

The quality of products and services writing services have to offer is the most important factor of any review. This is no different with our review and investigation of Elite Essay Writers. In order to measure product and service quality we take many things into consideration.

First, we spent time exploring the website. After all, we believe that service quality begins with customer experience. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well. First, we were inundated with pop ups. Then, when we were able to quiet those down, we discovered that the content on the website was very poorly written. Even writing samples were full of errors. We didn’t fare much better researching the company online. The majority of EliteEssayWriters customer reviews were negative. Many complained about inadequate research, error prone writing, and poor customer support.

We took two final steps to ensure that we could give the most thorough review possible. First, we placed an order for an academic essay. Then we researched Eliteessaywriters bbb to answer the question, ‘Is legit?’ Keep reading to learn more.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Service Reps

Unfortunately, our initial research indicated to us that writing service often fails at providing good customer service or delivering satisfactory writing products. As one might assume, our experience with writers and customer service reps followed along those lines as well. Our writer was clearly not up to the job they were given. They made too many errors on our paper. Further, when we communicated with them, they clearly failed to understand much of the subject matter of our paper.

We didn’t have much more success in our interactions with customer support. While  they were mostly polite, they simply weren’t very helpful. We made revision requests, but made no real headway. We asked to escalate our issue, but were never contacted by anyone.

Pricing And Discount Offers

Elite Essay Writers prices are very low. We paid less than ten dollars per page. There are elite essay writers discounts available,

Miscellaneous Benefits

We were unable to find any bonus content or extra benefits. In fact we found it notable that this website does not have any clear policy pages. When researching online, we also found no evidence of a Elite Essay Writers BBB membership or endorsements. However, multiple promo codes have been eliminated. Now there is simply a singular discount offered to customers.

Summary And Recommendation

Both our own experiences as well as EliteEssayWriters service reviews match. Unfortunately those experiences are all negative. The website is extremely difficult to navigate, the customer support needs a lot of work, and ultimately on the most important issue this service fails. They simply don’t provide acceptable writing products and services. As a result we must agree with  the many low Elite EssayWriters ratings. It’s simply not a writing website that is up to par. We believe that in spite of a few positive EliteEssayWriters testimonials, students are generally better off looking elsewhere for writing help. We strongly suggest checking in with us regularly to read out reviews. We have found several great writing services that we are happy to endorse.

8 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Discount and online calculator.

Negative: The calculator mentioned above shows a different price, not the real one. You`re notified about that only half way of the work. It`s inappropriate.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: em... nothing probably?!

Negative: The title perfectly describes my feelings right now. I can`t understand how a resource with a name can be this terrible with the only thing they do - writing. I highly recommend looking for a different service! This place can`t complete normally any single task!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: What a waste of time and money!

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