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One of our most recent review requests is for a writing service called Custom Papers. Several studence were interested in this service and asked us to write a review. So, we started investigating this company in order to answer the questions, ‘Is legit?’ and ‘Can students count on this company to provide quality academic papers?’ Here are some of the steps that we took:

  • We Attempted to Determine Custom Papers Prices
  • We Looked into Custom Papers Discounts
  • We Explored The Company Website
  • We Placed an Order For an Academic Paper
  • We Interacted With Online Customer Service

Keep reading and we will share our experiences with you. We hope the CustomPapers ratings we provide will be helpful.

Product and Service Quality Products and Services

Most of the CustomPapers service reviews that we read were quite negative. In spite of this, we wanted to give the company a fair shake. This wasn’t easy to do, because our problems began the moment we decided to try and determine the types of writing services they offer. The website is so poorly designed that it looks like it was thrown together in about an hour using some free web design utility.

As far as we could tell, the company offers up a variety of academic writing services. This includes essays and MBA projects among others. Sadly, we were put off by this information because of the poor phrasing and grammar on the website. In spite of this, we placed an order for a simple essay with a two week deadline.

We received and accepted a quote. Then waited for our paper. It arrived two days late. Worse, it was clear it had not been written by someone with a good grasp of the English language. When we contacted support, we didn’t receive much help.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps Guarantees

As mentioned above, we were not happy with the work we received at all. We suspect that the writers used by this service are not academic experts. Instead, it is likely that the company simply uses cheap labor to do the work for unsuspecting customers. If you still consider using them after reading this review, please research Custom Papers BBB and read CustomPapers customers reviews to get as much information as you can.

Pricing and Discount Offers Payments and Prices does not publish their prices. Therefore, it is difficult to discuss this aspect of their business. Instead, you submit them your request for a quote along with the details about your project. Then, they email you a quote. Unfortunately, it took a full 24 hours to get ours. That’s not very helpful if you need work done immediately. We wondered how a student needing assignment assistance would suffer.

As it was, we spent 15 dollars per page for our essay. This is slightly above average, and certainly not worth the quality of work that we received. In addition to this, no discounts are offered whatsoever. We even took the time to search for promo codes hoping to find something. It just doesn’t exist.

Miscellaneous Benefits Features

We were not able to find a blog or other content on this website. There appears to be no extra services or even CustomPapers testimonials. This only served to add to the overall lack of professionalism or care.

Summary and Recommendation

It is rare that we have to issue such a strongly worded negative reaction and recommendation to a writing service. Even ones that we would not recommend usually have some positives that we can focus on. Unfortunately, this is not the case here.

If you are considering this writing service, stop! There are so many issues with quality in so many areas. Please use one of our recommended sites instead.

Custom Papers Review

5 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: As a busy student I don’t have much time to do the paper job. So I hoped that Custom Papers would help with my term paper. But I am hardly disappointed! The terms were agreed but I received my paper 4 days after the deadline! And the main topic wasn’t illuminated. Poor!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I think that writing is not their best skill. Or even better to say - they don`t know how to write at all. I just can`t imagine what degree one should have not to be able to differentiate MLA from APA and know that introductory should point out the main issue in the research paper. I`m deeply disappointed in this writing resource.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Their old web-site design perfectly describes their level of services and overall partnership. MBA essays? What? I ordered a book review and it was late for the whole day, and you`re claiming that you can do a better kind of writing work like essay and term papers. Mistrusted resource that killed all of my expectations at once.

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Brayden commented:

Their prices aren`t acceptable!! I am still shocked after what I had received. That sheet of paper was called A Paper of a Good Quality by them. But in reality it is a total scam and waste of money! People, if you respect yourself - don`t go there!

Charlie commented:

Nevertheless they guarantee you a money back in case your paper doesn`t fit in - they do not give it to you. Finding thousands of reasons why not. Thus I`m surely saying that is a scam resource that isn`t able to write good papers.

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