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If you are interested in learning more about Bid 4 Papers, you are not alone. We have received  multiple inquiries about this writing service, and decided to take a look at what they have to offer. However, before we begin, we wanted to start with a bit of a disclaimer.

When we began research for our review, we quickly realized that this service does not work like other writing services. Instead of having upfront pricing and matching customers with writers who are qualified to work on their assignments, they use bidding.

This means that rather than knowing the price you will pay ahead of time, you submit your request and then receive bids from various writers. We wanted to know; is legit? We submitted two requests for work, then read a few Bid4Papers customers reviews. We also took some time to explore the website and learn as much as we can about this company. Keep reading to learn more.

Product and Service Quality Products and Services

Here’s how it works. We placed two orders, both for very basic college level essays. We started receiving bids right away. After chatting with various writers, be accepted the best bid for each assignment. Rather than only considering Bid 4 Papers prices, we also considered the writers’ backgrounds, and experience.

Our results were mixed. While one of the papers we ordered from only needed a bit of revision. Unfortunately, the second paper was completely unacceptable. It was written in badly broken English, and the writer seemed to have little understanding of the topic. This was disturbing because the person who communicated with, who presented themselves as the writer did not seem to have difficulties with English at all. We wondered if some writers are not who they represent themselves to be. In the future, we may research Bid 4 Papers BBB in order to explore this.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps Guarantees

Our results were mixed. This seemed to be the experience that many people had when we read Bid4Papers service reviews. When we interacted with customer service, they were polite and friendly enough. However, rather than providing assistance, they continually redirected us to our writer. Other than providing writers with negative Bid4Papers ratings, there doesn’t seem to be any recourse if you are not happy with the work you receive.

Pricing and Discount Offers Payments and Prices

Pricing depends entirely upon the bid that you can accept. We received bids that ranged from ten dollars per page to twenty dollars per page. It really does vary. Because of their business model Bid 4 Papers discounts simply do not exist. We even did a quick search for promo codes in search for a checkout discount. Our search was fruitless.

Miscellaneous Benefits Features

There is some interesting content on this website. The blog posts cover some timely topics, and they are interesting. Unfortunately they are also a bit hard to read because the writing quality is poor. In addition to this most of the Bid4Papers testimonials appear to have been written by a company employee.

Summary and Recommendation

When students place an order for a paper, they must be able to count on quality writing each and every time. Bid4Papers simply cannot guarantee that. They have created an interesting business model, but do not have the safeguards in place to ensure that customers are happy with the work that they receive. Perhaps poor screening is an issue. In any case, we simply cannot recommend this service to anybody.

If you are interested in writing help, take a pass on this one. Instead, take a look at our other reviews. You will find a great writing service in no time.

Bid 4 Papers Review

10 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I`m deeply sadden by the results of cooperation with this writing resource. Not only the deadline wasn`t met but the amount of pages didn`t corresponded to the ordered one and there were no conclusions! How come?! What did I pay my money for?

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Friendly support team.

Negative: For $200 I expected to have more accurately re-written paper than it occurred at the end. Of course, I had the correct edition and there weren`t as many mistakes as there were at the beginning. But the MLA format wasn`t followed. Didn`t like that.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Their how it works video is more helpful than their actual writing help. The waiting seemed to be endless! Missed deadline? Yes, I experienced that as well. Luckily, I was smart enough to give them less time than I had in reality, due to what I wasn`t late with the paper in college. I didn`t have straight and direct connection with the writer, which led to some errors in the paper. USELESS.

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Natalie commented:

I can`t say anything good about this service. Yes, they meet the deadline. Yes, they deliver your paper to you. But the quality of your paper is expected to be much, much better than the one they send.... Can`t recommend for collaboration.

Michael commented:

Sadly admitting, Bid4Papers is not that exact place you need to place your trust or order at. It`s better to place your trust with a homeless next block than a writer at this resource. Seriously.

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