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We have had several requests to take a look at Writology. We had never heard of this writing service before, and it seems that it may be a new one. In fact, we could only fine one off-site review. Other major review/reputation sites had no information on the company at all. Nor could we find any social media comments. So, we began our review with just the information we could find on the company website, Writology testimonials on the site, any samples or blog posts, pricing, extra features, and the results of our order of a research paper. Here is the best we could do.

Product and Service Quality

We were able to use only a few factors to determine quality. The company states that customers can order writing directly from the company, or the company will match a project with a freelance writer registered on their site. The company offers academic writing, copywriting, resumes/CV’s, media writing, PowerPoint presentations, and creative writing, according to the website.

There is very little actual content on the website to review. We did find a few blog posts, although the link to the blog is broken. These were poorly written, with many grammatical and word usage errors.

We were able to finally order a paper, although it took some “doing.” When we received the paper, it was just as the blog posts – poorly written, disjointed, no thesis statement, and, upon running a plagiarism scan, we found several instances.

In terms of service, there is no way to speak with a live person, and there is no chat feature. Customers can send a message and request a call. We did so, but never got a call.

In the absence of Writology customers’ reviews, we are unable to offer any more information on quality.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps

There is no information about writer background or experience, and, again, there are no Writology service reviews to read.

On the site, there is information about becoming a writer for the company. There is simply a form to set up an account and then begin to take orders. There are no requirements to submit credentials or samples of writing. The bottom line? Anyone can become a writer for this company.

So, is Writology legit? Yes, in terms of delivery writing orders, at least in our case. Beyond that, we cannot comment. Another issue is that there is no Writology BBB membership.

Pricing and Discount Offers

Writology prices begin at $14.99 and graduate up to $52.99/page for Ph.D. level orders. We found no Writology discounts, nor were there any promo codes for new or returning customers. We sent a message asking about discounts, but received no reply.

Miscellaneous Benefits

In a word – none. Customers cannot speak with their writers; there are no policies and no guarantees – not a good thing.

Summary and Recommendations

Frankly, we are a bit stunned that this company is getting any business at all. The information is unclear, there is no quality control regarding writers, and communication with the company is non-existent. is a poor service, and our Writology ratings in all areas are “unsatisfactory.” We would advise students and other customers to avoid this company at all costs.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Full money back.

Negative: Soooooooooooooo many issues. We had difficulties in communication. My writer wasn`t able to understand the key goal to illustrate in the paper. I asked to replace her with another one, who`ll know the matter. They said they did, but to me it seemed I was talking to the same person. Whatever. But how could they fail with the schedule when there were 8 pages and a whole month to prepare them?! At least they understood it was a dead case and decided to do one smart thing - give me my money back.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: You get a promise of price setting on your own. Of course, depending on the quality level, additional features, academic level and so on. But no way you`re getting the calculated one. All you get is almost a double price which makes you angry and more quality demanding. And then - you receive your paper that makes you shocked.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Almost on the due date, but with a delay.

Negative: I agreed for all additionals and extras that can guarantee I`ll get high-quality paper. Anyhow, it didn`t work for me like that. I didn`t see anything impressive in my paperwork. Nor I have noticed any positive change with the presence of those extra features.

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