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Product and Service Quality advertises itself as a provider of high quality papers, original writing without plagiarism hits, writers with quick turnaround times, and a positive customer experience. They are known for offering academic services that start at the high school level up to a PhD level. We review their service through assessment of other user’s testimonials, customer reviews on external sites, and our own analysis of a paper we ordered from them. By doing so, we are helping students see the pros & cons of availing of the services of WritingElites. To verify if their service is trustworthy, we checked with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and found that Writing Elites is an accredited member.

Aside from that, also offers extra writing services like book reviews, biographies, and more. The system works by placing an order, getting an estimate, and receiving the paper. It is pretty straightforward and a no-nonsense approach. Our only concern is that they may be overpricing their services.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps

We decided to order an admissions essay from Writing Elites to see if the content could qualify as one of the effective essays that would get a student into the school they wanted. Before ordering, we checked to see if their writers had profiles on the site. After searching the site, we found no trace of the identities or identified samples of pseudonym using writers. Our experience tells us that without a writer profile, these sites may be hiring writers that are not from the majority English-speaking countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Our experience with their customer service representatives was lukewarm. We know that they are only reading from pre-written manuals and that they are not even trying their best to answer the questions that are not placed on their guides.

The admissions essay we received was a bit disappointing. It looked like it was written by a high school student with straight Cs. It was not going to get anybody in any college. The grammar was shoddy. There were typographical errors everywhere, and they even misspelled the university we were allegedly applying to. For the price that they were asking, we felt cheated as if we were victims of a fraud or scam scheme.

Pricing and Discount Offers

Wiring Elites accepts PayPal only. This is a red flag for most writing services, especially when they do not have a proper and secure alternative payment processor. The bad thing about paying through PayPal is that the company cannot retrieve any money that has been withdrawn by other people. You can get your money back, but the company won’t. Privacy policies also prevent you from tracking the culprits.

For the prices they were asking, transacting like this felt sketchy and unsecure. Apart from that, the prices they advertised were false. When you order a paper, the price of your transaction can blow up to 3x the originally advertised priced. Even with their newbie 15% offer, it was not a good bargain at all.

Aside from the newbie discount, they offer lifetime discounts such as 5% for $500 transactions, 10% for $1000 transactions, and 15% for $2000 transactions. From what we observed, they do not offer any coupon codes or promo codes.

Miscellaneous Benefits

According to the copies on their site, they offer free plagiarism checks using state of the art systems. They also promised that the papers would be checked by manual checkers – possibly the writers they already employ. The unfair part about their plagiarism policy is that they will only acknowledge plagiarism hits from their paid platform. This nullifies the complaint of the customer if they checked for plagiarism using other applications.

The also offer a revision policy that takes effect immediately after ordering. The revision period lasts for 14 days, however, they have an order form that gives out 14 day durations. This means that ordering that type of paper and deadline agreement may make a client ineligible for revision queries. They do not offer free editing services, so you may have to pay for that if you need it.

Summary and Recommendation

Due to the nature of their pricing scheme and the quality of the paper we received, we highly advise students to refrain from using this site because you are basing your order on pure luck. We may have been assigned to a poor-quality writer, but you may get a better one. However, you need to pay a hefty price that many students do not usually afford. We give them a poor rating for the lack of quality and assurance.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: How can a service that calls itself a legit one hire unprofessional writers who do not have a single clue about writing rules or such a simple thing like business communication and politeness?! Due to that and to high pricing I do not recommend you to use this resource.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The word Elites makes a customer think this service can do something more than just a high school essay - sadly such customer is wrong. I paid like for a premium service but received nothing more than a piece of toilet paper. Don`t go here just go by. It would be better for you, your paper and your wallet.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: As old as their website - as weak their writing is. Impossible to reach the support department when you need some help or information about the order. Expensive. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that the starting price is just a trick to get customers. Not cool guys, not cool. I don`t recommend this service for usage.

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Zigmund commented:

If I give this so-called "paper" to my professor, he will literally kill me! Why does an essay can`t be written accurate with all the elements included!? DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE EVER!

Korbin commented:

After they sent me my finished order I was deeply in shock! Yet, my request for revision was denied because of the "high quality paper I received". What the flowers, people?!

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