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Product And Service Quality

Unlike other writing  services, Scribendi only offers proofreading and editing services. They are not a traditional writing service. So, we placed an order for editing services, and decided to use that as a basis for this review. In spite of the differences between this company and others, we focused on the same elements. These are quality work, good customer service, writer’s professionalism, and fair pricing. In addition to doing our own research of the company, we also read Scribendi customer reviews. We even took the time to do a search on Scribendi BBB. No results were found. While there are no complaints with the BBB, this indicates that the company is also not registered or accredited by this consumer rights organization.

Throughout the process we explored the company website, researched them online, and reviewed our edited paper for accuracy. Please read more to see what we discovered.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Support Reps

Since we did not interact with a writer, this portion will address our editor. We can say that the editor did identify and fix some errors. However, they managed to miss more than they found. In addition to this, several of the suggestions they offered would have been in violation of the citation standards under which our paper was  written.

We also spoke with customer service on multiple occasions. In one interaction they were pleasant and helpful. Unfortunately, subsequent interactions were terse and unhelpful.

Pricing And Discount Offers

Scribendi prices depend upon the length of the assignment as well as the amount of time the editor is given to do their job. We were quoted between 60 and over 100 dollars to edit a 2000 word essay. The lowest amount of time the work would be finished was eight hours. The highest was a week. We opted for the lower price and the longest wait time.

There are no scribendi discounts. A search on the web revealed no promo codes either. Other Scribendi service reviews also  indicated disappointment in the fact that the company doesn't seem to offer any savings whatsoever.

Miscellaneous Benefits

To put it simply. There really are no additional benefits here. This is a service that has clearly decided to limit its operations and be as ‘bare-boned’ as possible. There are no articles or blog posts, or other content of interest. The only thing that marginally qualifies a a benefit would be the Scribendi testimonials. Unfortunately, website testimonials are largely unreliable as they are pre-screened and, to be honest, often written by corporate staff members.

Summary And Recommendation

While we encountered nothing terribly out of line, the bottom line is that there are other companies that perform editing and proofreading services just like Further, they do better work at a lower price. Because our overall Scribendi ratings in the areas of work quality and customer service were generally low, our final ranking is fair to poor.

We strongly encourage our readers to explore our website and read our other reviews. Whether you need editing and proofreading, or a full service writing company, there are several here that will meet your needs. Is legit? Just barely, but we know there are better services out there.

13 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: A lot of promises. It really looked like a nice place that one can rely on. So I did. But I shouldn`t have. As my trust was broken by them.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Thanks a lot! REALLY! Thank you Scribendi for such a failure with my dissertation proofreading. I have no idea what you were doing, but that is extremely disgusting and I place a lot of hate for you now. To all of you out there - go and find any other place just not them.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I heard an endless amount of promises, and they actually sounded good. Sadly to admit, none of the promise was followed. Yes, I got my paper rewritten, but the quality is too low.

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