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Homework Market is a bit unique as far as academic help services are concerned. It is, as its name implies a marketplace for students to hook up with teachers to get their homework done, usually on an urgent basis. This may include writing assignments, but looking through the public chat feature, students are focused more on coursework assignments that involve short answer questions, STEM problem-solving, and, occasionally an essay or a longer-term work. It appears that Homework Market has been in business for about two years. It was difficult to evaluate this service the same way we do regular writing services, but we certainly did look at the small amount of content on the site, the testimonials that came from customers, the “sales pitches” of the writers, and the reviews that we were able to find out on the web. Here goes.

Product and Service Quality

There is not much on the website itself that speaks to writer quality. In fact, “teachers and tutors” simply register. So, we had to rely on the customer feedback and comments as well as our order for two pieces – one math econ homework assignment and one short essay on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

  • Customer testimonials on the site were all pretty positive, but this is expected
  • Off-site HomeworkMarket reviews were a different story – more on that later
  • Our experience was mixed. The econ homework assignment, a series of short answer questions, was certainly adequate. The essay, however, was terrible. There was no thesis statement; grammar and punctuation, as well as word usage errors were present throughout.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Support Reps

In short, there is none. Customers select their tutors/writers and go from there. All transactions and communication are between a customer and his/her tutor/teacher. The company does not appear to do much other than process payments to the registered teachers.

There is a process by which customers can file a complaint and request a refund. We did this with the essay we ordered. Thus far, we have been ignored other than being told to take up our issues with the writer.

For registered teachers/tutors, there is a long, complicated explanation regarding registration, communicating with potential customers, payments and options to receive payments. We read it several times and were still in the dark as to how this entire thing even works.

Is Homework Market a scam? No, it is not. However, the process is complicated for both customers and teachers, and the lack of quality control means that students may get a great piece or one that is worthy of a trashcan. That was our experience.

We also discovered that there is no BBB membership, and that is a definite minus.

Pricing and Discount Offers

Here is where things get a bit complex. Once a visitor accesses the site, teachers aggressively engage in live chat, even before a homework or other assignments I posted.

Students can post their homework/order details on a public job board. Once that occurs, teachers/tutors will begin to offer a price for the work. It is up to the students to choose the person. A lot of chatting goes on both in public and private ways – it’s almost overwhelming.

Once a student selects a person, s/he may be asked to place a down payment on the work. Or, s/he may get a preview and then be asked to submit the entire payment, which, we suppose, the company holds. The company takes its fee from the agreed upon price before paying the teacher.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Because of this business model, there are obviously no HomeworkMarket discounts, unless a teacher agrees to one with a customer. As well, no one will find coupons/promo codes either. Homework Market prices are wholly decided by the client and the teacher.

Summary and Recommendation

We found a number of customer feedback comments on other review sites and on social media. Some clients felt they got their money’s worth, while others were quite angry about the lack of quality of what they received. It seems to be very “hit and miss,” depending on the individual that is selected to do the work. This sets up an inconsistency that is not good.

Our review on Homework Market was difficult to compose. While the business model has potential, there is simply no quality control, too many methods for chatting and communicating, and at times the entire process of ordering something seems chaotic. On top of that, there is just no consistency of quality, and this leaves students simply hoping they will get one of the “good guys.”

Unfortunately, we have to apply a HomeworkMarket rating of “poor,” and recommend that students pass this one by.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: How can you be sure about the final result of your order when the resource doesn`t give you any guarantees about the writers` experience, education, skills?

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I`m so glad I didn`t use this service! I was on the verge of doing it but luckily my classmate did it first and told me about the worst ever experience he had with a service online. His paper looked like a total trash and was expensive! When I tried to reach one of the writers I wasn`t able to. Because the site provides you only with the live chat (which looks like a chat from 2000s). Disgusting service.

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recommended this service

Negative: I was trying to find where to place my order and how to use this service at all - but all I found was a lot of unneeded information instead of some real things I had wanted to find. How do I pick the writer? How do I choose the type of paper I would like to get? Where do I place my request for revision or a need of a plagiarism report? How to use this place at all?!

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