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Product And Service Quality

Writing quality is the biggest factor in each review that we write. This is no different when it comes to Apex Essays. For our review, we ordered an essay so that we could evaluate this. Then, we compared our findings with other ApexEssays service reviews. This is to give a bit of balance to our perspective. We believe that the answer to the question, is legit?, is mostly determined by the final product.

After all, if students are going to rely on this company for help with essays, term papers, research papers, and more shouldn’t they be ensured that will receive high quality documents? Here are our criteria for measuring product quality:

  • On Time Delivery
  • Minimal Spelling And Grammar Errors
  • Instructions Followed
  • Good Formatting And Structure
  • Well Researched
  • Good Phrasing And Word Usage
  • Citations Formatted Correctly

In this case, our writer fell short in the areas of spelling and grammar, phrasing, and word usage, and correctly formatting the citations. Several ApexEssays customer reviews mentioned these issues as well, so we feel safe saying that this is a common problem. We also find the absence of any positive ApexEssays testimonials to be a bit of a red flag.

Expertise of Writers And Customer Service Reps

As should be evident by the above, is not a website that hires expert writers. In addition to that, customer service is virtually nonexistent. We searched on Apex Essays BBB, and found that the company is not registered with this watchdog agency. We’ll discuss our other concerns in the summary and recommendation section of this review.

Pricing And Discount Offers

This might seem strange, but in order to receive positive feedback in this area, companies don’t need to charge extremely low prices. We are looking for fair yet reasonable prices for the value consumers receive. In this case we found that Apex Essays pricesb are well below average. This is a red flag as it often means that papers are stolen from other sites, or sent off to be written by people who don’t have college degrees.

We did look for Apex Essays discounts, but found none. Of course, considering the number of problems that we had, promo codes would not have been satisfactory.

Miscellaneous Benefits

Apex offers some blog posts, but nothing else beyond that as far as bonus content. They also don’t feature articles, videos, or other extras that many writing websites do. In fact, all of the website content appears to have been taken from other writing websites, and run through content spinners.

Summary And Recommendation

Our research shows that ApexEssays ratings are low across the board. We believe that this writing service is very likely a scam. The warning signs that we notice include prices that are too low to pay a professional writer for original content, a poorly written website that appears to be full of stolen or spun content, low quality writing, and dubious customer service. We strongly recommend avoiding this service. If you have used this company and feel as if you have been duped or taken advantage of, please take action.

4 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: If you ever feel like you want to waste money for unworthy resource – welcome to Apex Essays. My collaboration with them is probably the worst experience I have ever had in my life with websites online. I was charged almost double amount of money for my order (they didn’t give them back) and after that my research paper didn’t meet the deadline. How is it possible to work with such people?

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Total waste of my time it was! I placed about 5 complaints but didn`t get a reply to any of them even when the paper was delivered to me. How they manage to hire "professional" writers I do not understand. Such a bad writing can be done by a kindergarten student only!

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The main fake thing is their price. Does it really start with $9.95? Why did I pay $18 for the longest waiting time then? I`m of freshman level. Inappropriate! Do you feel like wasting time and money this month? Go ahead and use!

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Kate commented:

Bad, bad and again bad service at Apex Essays! That is how they should have called their site! Support team is helpless, they changed two writers during my paperwork time with them. And neither of those was able to complete it accurate and normal. 1 out of ten is the mark!

Brooklyn commented:

They promise on-time delivery and minimal spelling/grammar errors - not true. There are more than enough of all of them! Senseless to trust them any kind of your writing assignment! Ever!

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