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Product And Service Quality

This is our official review of Paper Now. We have received several questions and comments about this writing service, and we are writing this review in response. In order to write a thorough review, we’ve taken several steps:

1) Placing an order for a college-level essay.

2) Reviewing the completed paper for quality and accuracy.

3) Exploring the writing service website.

4) Reading PaperNow customer reviews.

5) Searching Paper Now BBB for any consumer complaints or other issues

6) Comparing prices.

7) Taking notes on our overall experiences with this service.

8) Exploring discounts and other special offers.

Now that these tasks are complete, we have completed this review. Details of our experiences are below. Our final thoughts and recommendations are at the end of this piece.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Service Reps

Is legit? Let’s explore that question. We think that writing quality and customer support are the best test of this. Unfortunately, they failed in both areas. Our essay was easily below average. There were several mistakes. It was clear our writer did not grasp the subject matter. It was not insightful enough to be a college level paper. This was in spite of the fact that we were told that our writer would have experience in our academic discipline. The only positive is that we did receive our essay on time.

Customer support did not do much better. They were dismissive of our complaints. They gave us conflicting information. Worst of all, they refused to back up promises of satisfaction or free revisions. Students should also be aware that it is quite difficult to get a timely response from writers or customer service agents.

Pricing And Discount Offers

Paper Now prices are on the expensive side. We were able to find and apply one of the available promo codes. This led to a 15% savings. Unfortunately, Paper Now discounts were not enough to compensate for the other problems we encountered. To be clear, we have and will recommend print services. It’s just that we expect them to deliver with a high level of quality and support.

Miscellaneous Benefits

As part of our review, we searched for anything that students might see as a bonus or benefit. This includes writing samples, videos, games, blog posts, articles, links to interesting content, etc. We did not find any such material here. They appear to be focused solely on writing. Unfortunately, they aren’t doing a very good job of this. For the prices they are charging, extras should be an expectation.

Summary and Recommendation

We regret that we must agree with the majority of PaperNow ratings that we read while doing our research for this review. Paper simply doesn’t live up to its own promises or hype. The writing is poor. Customer support was mostly unhelpful, and their prices were quite high. While there were some PaperNow testimonials that were positive, most PaperNow service reviews were negative. Based on our experience, we must agree with the latter. This is one that students should avoid.

3 customer reviews of

doesn't recommended this service

Negative: They seemed legit so I decided to give it a try. Well, we all make mistakes, right?

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recommended this service

Positive: Worked with the same writer Max twice and he was really pleasat to talk to.

Negative: Unfortunately, I cannot say that Max`s writing was that bright. It didn`t make any impression on my professor so both times I had to rework those assignments and add some stats and figures and references. So, basically you pay and get some trouble for free.

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recommended this service

Positive: pretty satisfied with everything

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