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Today, students are seeking help from businesses that do more than offer writing services. Because of this, we are expanding our review services to include online tutoring services. This is why we are offering this review. Hey Tutor is an online service matching students with tutors in their geographic area. They also offer online tutoring services. This California based company serves mostly students here in the US. We are here to determine, is legit? Take a look at the steps we took before writing this review:

1. We read HeyTutor customer reviews

2. We searched Hey Tutor BBB records.

3. We placed an order for online tutoring services.

4. We read testimonials and explored the company website.

5. We engaged with customer service agents.

6. We compared Hey Tutor Prices with other services.

Before you read any other HeyTutor service reviews, check out our findings!

Product and Service Quality

We sought out a math tutor with expertise on the topic of college algebra. We were able to locate several who claimed to have this expertise. We selected one who had reasonable rates. Made a payment, and engaged with them online. Unfortunately, we quickly became frustrated as the tutor seemed to go intentionally slowly. We suspect this was because they were being paid for their time, and wanted to earn as much money as possible. While our tutor wasn’t entirely unhelpful, we could have easily obtained the same caliber of help through the student center at the local college or university.

Expertise of Writers and Customer Service Reps

Expertise varies widely. It depends on the tutor that the student selects. Unfortunately, there isn’t really any guidance here. It is up to the student to research their tutor, ask the right questions, and make the correct determination before the select and pay their tutor. We spoke with customer service after our negative experience. The ‘company line’ is that they will offer little to no assistance to students who are dissatisfied. As long as you receive some form of tutoring, you have no recourse. So, buyer beware.

Pricing and Discount Offers

Hey Tutor pricing varies widely. Prices are set by the tutors themselves and must be negotiated between the student and the tutor. As such there are no Hey Tutor discounts. Rather than applying a HeyTutor discount code, students simply ‘haggle’ with their chosen tutor until they get a price offer that they find acceptable.

Payment methods here are very standard. In person, tutors determine which payment methods they are willing to accept. Online tutors accept standard payment methods. These include Paypal and debit cards. We were able to make payment online without any issues. It does not appear as if there are any troubles relating to making payments or data privacy. However, we recommend that students use the most secure payment option available to them and that they watch their financial records carefully after engaging in any online financial transactions.

Miscellaneous Benefits

There’s not much worth mentioning here. Because this service only matches students with tutors, they aren’t too focused on building their own brand. As a result, they don’t offer much in the way of extra content or bonus services. There is a blog that covers some interesting topics including education, finance, and health and fitness. These are very well-written. Unfortunately, they don’t do anything to boost the quality of services offered.

Summary and Recommendation

The majority of HeyTutor ratings we encountered were quite critical. Students were largely unimpressed with the quality of tutors, availability of tutors for intense academic topics, and pricing. While there were some satisfied customers, many were unimpressed. This, combined with our experiences lead us to give an overall rating of below average. Rather than using, we recommend students source tutoring services from their local college or university or check out one of the many services we endorse here.

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